Welcome to “European consulting and appraisal centre” website. “European consulting and appraisal centre” is a national company that works according to European standards.

We provide a wide range of consulting services and will definitely be useful for you.

Who are we?

We are the team of specialists who provide consulting services and mainly focus on appraisal activity. We are the organization of professionals who are able to work skillfully and compete considering today’s realities of life, without forgetting about human values and keeping the ability to see the beauty among material. We are a business structure, we support other businesses and think that business can and should have a human face. We have significant professional experience and skills and cultivate honesty and trust. We honor the Code of Ethics and value our clients on an individual level. We love what we do and this allows us to cope with tasks of any level of complexity.

Our mission is to help businesses and private individuals make strategic decisions, implement tasks, contribute to their development and growth at the national level using the best international practices and strengthen the credibility of the appraisal occupation and the transparency of business relations at the same time.

Our strengths:

  • Experience and accumulated knowledge;
  • Personal approach to each our client and each assumed task with constant observance of legislative evaluation norms and standards;
  • The presence of international certificates and experience in working with international standards;
  • Ability to work as efficiently and quickly as possible;
  • Openness, fairness and honesty;
  • Our company’s values match universal values.

We invite you to learn more about us, get to know our history and employees, learn the complete list of the services we provide. We hope that this visit becomes a pleasant beginning of our further fruitful cooperation.

Тетяна Зайцева
Директор, оцінювач
Валерія Зайцева
MRICS, провідний оцінювач, фахівець з питань стратегічного розвитку підприємства та контролю якості
Світлана Александрова
MRICS, заступник директора, провідний оцінювач
Ганна Уманська
заступник директора дочірнього підприємства, оцінювач
Наталія Скрипник
оцінювач, інженер-землевпорядник
Світлана Литвинюк
офіс-менеджер, бухгалтер
Юлія Білоус